Renting a Scooter Portugal

Three “A” of renting with AlegriaRide

For each letter of the alphabet we will tell you three features of renting a scooter with us, that start with that letter!

The three “A”

Most historical centers and cities in Portugal are medieval. And when most of the roads were built they were not thinking of enough space for two cars (or carriages!). Furthermore they are built on rugged hills, so there are a lot of steep and narrow paths.
Renting a scooter you will get the chance to ride through them without any effort, smoothly!

Everybody knows scooters are more economical and sustainable way of urban mobility. In Portugal, a little bit like everywhere else, the mind-set is also changing and people are becoming aware that this is the next big alternative. From fuel costs to reduced CO2. Be part of this change!

With Alegria Ride you can be assured you will get the full attention from the staff around the clock! We are covered by the only insurance that can provide a 24 hour service on the road. So, in the case of a malfunction or any hazard. We will promptly be there, to handle the case!

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