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Popular Saints Lisboa 2016

It looks like it’s THAT time of the year again! Santos Populares Lisboa 2016 even better with AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter!

Lisboa gets flooded with colours, music, basil plants and of course… Lots of “AlegriaRide“!

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One of many squares in Lisbon with party!

June is the month for the popular saints a bit all over the world.
St. António (13th) St. John (24th) and St. Peter (29th) are the most famous. But there is an innumerous number of sacred personalities celebrated during this month.
The reason is connected to the pagan celebrations of the Summer solstice on the 24th of June.

The first one to have the right to a celebration in Portugal is in fact Portuguese!!! Francisco Bolhão, changed his name to (brother) António after deciding to follow the religious path at the age of 20, by the end of the XII century.
Having lived in the region of Padova, in Italy, in his last years of life, he got the name “of Pádua”.

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Manjericos – Basil plants

What special features does the St. António celebrations have?

Marchas Populares – a competition among neighboorhoods to see who has the best outfits, songs and spirit. Some people say it looks just like the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro!

Manjerico – from the family of the basil, very used in cooking as an aromatic spice herb. It was common for the lovers or families to offer these to each other with poems or dedications.

Sardines – they just taste great at this time of the year. Grilled with salt. Preferablly with corn bread on the side. Yum!

Barbecues – for the meat lovers each little square in Lisboa is a good space to set a fire and grill some pork!

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