New scooter promotion!

200cc LML PROMOTION Lisbon>Porto!!

25,00 eur. per day! Including helmet, lock, insurance & unlimited km’s!

The promotions time is back! We are launching a campaign for renting an LML 200 manual shift scooter in Lisbon and returning in Porto… for only 25,00 per day! It is a one time opportunity to drive a vintage scooter designed by Vespa!

This time is a 200cc LML ready to drive!

Here are the specifications of the scooter: LML 200cc

Promotion AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Lisbon Poto LML Vintage Scooter
LML Star 200cc is your vintage ride
Between Lisbon and Porto you have lots of beaches that you can explore up the N109, for around 300 Km’s.
If you prefer you can drive up the old N 2 the spinal cord of Portugal! The biggest road of the country! Check it out here!
Driving north , the first cities you will find are BatalhaAlcobaça and Nazaré are three names that you might want to investigate too. In my opinion, specially Nazaré. It’s a fishing/surfing town that still keeps traditions. Batalha and Alcobaça are becoming a mandatory stop too mainly because their religious architecture Mosteiro da Batalha and Mosteiro de Alcobaça, two remaining of the Romanic style in Portugal. And also the proximity to Serra d’Aire Natural Park nice landscapes.
Rent a LML Lisbon Porto
AlegriaRide with style
But if you are more interested in nightlife, beach, surf, VolksWagens’s parked on the cliffs with a nice town vibe, my favourite is Ericeira, about 40 Km North from Lisbon.
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