Rent a Scoter lisbon gopro footage

Riding in Lisbon by Francisco

Amazing footage back from 2014, by a happy AlegriaRide customer!

“This is a movie I made based on a template from GoPro Studio. I got a 125cc SYM scooter from AlegriaRide Rent-a-Scooter and spent an entire day filming Lisbon with my girlfriend. I’ve also recorded some footage of the beach in Estoril, the seashore from Cascais, and a free open-air music festival next to Torre de Belém. Guys at AlegriaRide were very nice and thoughful and I hope I can repeat it very soon!
I hope you like it!”

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Madeira, the lost gem of the Atlantic

Alegria Ride in Madeira, the lost gem of the Atlantic

Have you ever heard about one of the most impressive new year’s fireworks of the world? How about Madeira Wine? No? Well, how about Cristiano Ronaldo? Ah… Well, the one thing that all these have in common is the fact they all come from Madeira.

Madeira is a set of two islands: the main island and Porto Santo (basically a beach colony). Funchal is the capital and the starting point for an amazing journey on the Portuguese islands near the tropics. You can easily get there with Easyjet, from Lisbon at a very affordable price.

Once there you’ll find yourself in another dimension. Starting with air temperatures near 30 degrees Celsius almost all year round, whale sightings, delicious fish, historical wines, ocean swimming pools and it’s winding roads just asking to be ridden!
For your pleasure, Alegria Ride has the most spectacular way of experiencing all of this on two wheels. Look for Alegria Ride in Funchal! Feel free to contact us about anything you want to know!

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scooter parade porto

Porto Scooter Parade

Porto Scooter Parade happens during the month of June.

Porto is definitely a scooter driver’s paradise. From the steep hills full of historical landmarks to the riverbank and ocean road, everything looks twice as beautiful when seen from a bike.

The Scooter Parade Porto is an event for the scooter enthusiasts. This usually takes place in the city of Porto once a year and celebrates the joy and benefits of driving a scooter, helping to create awareness for safety, ecology and lifestyle. The 2016 encounter is still not scheduled so stay “scooted” for news if you want to be the first to know!

The organisation also has a Facebook page that you can visit here.

porto scooter parade

O Porto é sem dúvida um destino espectacular para se viajar de moto ou scooter. Desde o seu centro histórico cheio de subidas íngremes, até ao rio e oceano, tudo parece mais bonito quando é visto de uma moto.

A Scooter Parade Porto é um evento para os entusiastas das scooters. Normalmente acontece uma vez por ano e tem como objectivo comemorar o prazer que é guiar uma scooter. O evento tenta também incutir na mentalidade das pessoas os benefícios para elas mesmas e para o meio ambiente, deste meio de transporte.

A organização tem uma página de Facebook que podem consultar aqui.

Renting a Scooter Portugal

Three “A” of renting with AlegriaRide

For each letter of the alphabet we will tell you three features of renting a scooter with us, that start with that letter!

The three “A”

Most historical centers and cities in Portugal are medieval. And when most of the roads were built they were not thinking of enough space for two cars (or carriages!). Furthermore they are built on rugged hills, so there are a lot of steep and narrow paths.
Renting a scooter you will get the chance to ride through them without any effort, smoothly!

Everybody knows scooters are more economical and sustainable way of urban mobility. In Portugal, a little bit like everywhere else, the mind-set is also changing and people are becoming aware that this is the next big alternative. From fuel costs to reduced CO2. Be part of this change!

With Alegria Ride you can be assured you will get the full attention from the staff around the clock! We are covered by the only insurance that can provide a 24 hour service on the road. So, in the case of a malfunction or any hazard. We will promptly be there, to handle the case!

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Rent Scooter Portugal

3 Reasons to rent with us

Here are 3 reasons why we will make your scooter rent journey in Portugal unforgettable! We have the experience it takes to know your travel style!

1. Rent quality scooters and profit from knowledge about the best spots to visit.
Choosing Alegria Ride is more than just renting a scooter. It is a whole experience package that will allow you to save time and money in a lot of so called “tourist-traps”! Believe us, we know what the less traveled paths are, for the ones of you who like adventure!

2. Tell us what you would like to visit and we’ll show you the best way to get there!
We are riders by excelence and we know the roads of Portugal like no other.
Driving from point A to point B, you sometimes might miss really good opportunities to experience what our country has best: historical places, delicious food, wines and the incredible landscapes of mountains and ocean!

3. Our network is expanding!
Soon, you will be able to travel Portugal, from north to south, with your favorite transport. An Alegria Ride scooter! Think about Portugal’s 943 kilometers of coastline! Or in driving across the countryside with your hairs blowing in the wind, on a very sunny day.
Accommodation needed? Yes, we will help you with that! Prepare your backpack and let us do the rest!