The New Douro Valley Wine Culture

Boutique and Heritage Wines.

One thing we love to explore is the passion for the wine culture. Producers that respect the terroir and brings us the best wines every year. And most important: out of the beaten path. Douro Valley is the place where we love to share this passion with the world.
The guides are Nuno, Pedro and Alex.

Nuno is a certified Wine Tourism Innovation Master and he travels the world searching for the perfect experience.

Pedro is the «wine-o-nerd». He’s had courses on tasting Portuguese vino and loves crazy and weird statistics about wine in general.

Alex is an outstanding dynamic and knowledgeable guide with high standards of reviews. Oh he can also get a laugh out of every single person!

We are not about “schooling” or shopping wine tour clichés. We are all about taking corks out of good bottles, around good food and people.
We want to represent what wines the Douro can naturally make, with the less possible intervention. That way you will taste real authentic wines.

So if you speak our language (or even better if not!) come and find out what makes us special! You can also check out for further info.

Nuno tour guide Douro Valley
Pedro Minivan Douro Valley guide
Alex portrait picture