Why a scooter (instead of a car)?

Scooters are a great urban mobility alternative. Porto & Lisbon are two old cities with some car traffic congestion. Scooters can fit where cars cannot, both in between traffic lanes and narrow streets. That means escaping the traffic and saving time.
These are cities built on hills, so besides time it also saves you a lot of legwork!
Additionally, scooters are very economic in terms of fuel consumption with rates from 3l/100km.
Finally, (last but not least!) parking is simple and easy. You can find a spot literally everywhere!
Economic, flexible and free of stress; just like your visit to Portugal should be!

What are the requirements for renting a scooter/moto?

First of all, you must be 18 years old or older.
Driver’s license (car or moto) is compulsory as well as a second identification with a photo (passport or national ID card)
Previous experience in driving scooters/motorcycles is advised.

I have a car driver’s license. Which scooters can I drive?

In Portugal, according to the Law (n.º 78/2009, from 13th of August) if you have a car driver’s license (category B) and you are 24 years old or older, you can drive any scooter up to 125cc (and 11kw of power).
All our 125cc scooters are eligible for B drivers license.

I have a motorcycle driver’s license AM or A1. Which scooters can i drive?

In Portugal, according to the Law (n.º 78/2009, from 13th of August) AM or A1 licenses allows you to drive any scooter up to 125cc without being >24 years old.
All our 125cc scooters are eligible for AM and A1 drivers license.

I have a motorcycle driver’s license A or A2. Which scooters/motorcycles can i drive?

With A license you can drive all scooters and motorcycles available on our fleet.

Is it safe to leave the scooter parked overnight?

Yes. Lisbon and Porto are relatively safe cities. All the scooters have security features like handle bar block or electrical block. We also provide padlocks with every scooter.

Do the scooters accommodate two persons?

Yes. Al our scooter models carry two persons. The extra helmet is 5€ /day until a maximum of 20€ eur.
Free after the 4th rental day.

What does the rental price include?

The rental price includes unlimited kilometers, one helmet, one padlock and a third-party insurance.

What does “basic third-party insurance” mean? What does it cover?

Third party insurance is a compulsory insurance for every vehicle on the road. It means that the damages you may cause to other parties (vehicles, objects, people, etc.) are covered. It does not cover the damages you may suffer (injuries, medical expenses) or the scooter.You are liable for the full commercial value of the scooter.

Is there an extra insurance I can hire?

Yes. You can reduce your liability. Depending on the type of scooter, please confirm on our table what is the liability per model.
We provide a Damage Waiver insurance for 10€ a day until a maximum of 50€.
Free after the 5th rental day.


Is there a full risk insurance available?

No. We do not provide full risk insurance. The minimum responsibility you can have is the Damage Waiver liability. You can see it on the table chart, here.

What happens if the scooter/moto is damaged?

We try to have the scooters in the best shape possible, repairing parts whenever possible, at our official workshop.
When the scooters exit the shop they are carefully inspected for any evidences of damage and noted by us on the rental contract.
If you return the scooter with additional evidences of damage, you are responsible for those damages to the limit of your liability.
We have a table with the value of each part, given by our official workshop.

What happens in case of accident?

We always hope it doesn’t happen. But we are available 24h/day to help you solve any accident situation.
Every case is different. But there is a golden rule: stay calm; be polite and be objective; request police assistance by the emergency number 112
Call one of our phone numbers and we will guide you through all the procedure.
Every scooter’s document case, has a form that needs to be filled in (European Accident Statement form) in case of accident. This is extremely important for insurance purposes.

Do you supply GPS navigation systems?

No. We do not have GPS navigation systems. We consider that driving a scooter motorcycle requires concentration from the driver, on the road. And we don’t want to take that attention away from you.
But you are free to install your own hold for your smartphone or GPS, if you have one.

What do you recommend I use for navigation?

There is a Portuguese navigation app that you can download. we recommend, called “MEO-Drive”. It is updated and works offline which is a big plus. You can download it here. Or at our shop, where we provide free wi-fi.
Google Maps is also very useful. We will point you all spots we recommend a visit.

Do you provide any directions, after we rent the scooter/moto?

Yes. We will point out every attraction we think you would like to see and the routes that you should take to get there.
Porto and Lisbon are amazing cities to explore and there is a lot to do around them, like beach, nature, gastronomy, wine, among others. Our goal is that you enjoy your time to the fullest.

What special concerns should I have in mind for longer trips?

You should rest every two hours of driving to check the scooter’s level of oil, 10 minutes after you stop, when it is cold.
We provide a mini USB charger for the lighter, or a solar power charger.
Use a navigation app for smartphone. They are free and very useful. If you are travelling between Lisbon and Porto consider an overnight stay to enjoy more of your ride. We provide suggestions for the best places to stay!

How much weight can I carry in the top-case?

The Kymco Agility, Aprilia Scarabeo and Sym Citycom scooters holds an optional top-case on the back.
The top-case has a capacity of 25l and a recommended weight carry of 5kg.

What type of fuel do the scooters take?

All scooter take Unleaded 95 petrol. There is a sticker next to the gas tank of each scooter to ensure that you cannot make a mistake.

Are there any special traffic rules in Portugal, I should know?

In general, the rules are the same across Europe. scooters and motorcycles follow the same traffic rules as cars do.
In Porto (and in some cases, in Lisbon) you can drive on the BUS lane.
Remider: 50cc scooters are not allowed to drive on highways and freeways.
We advise: Drive in the middle of your lane. Do not drive side by side (it’s forbidden and authorities can impose heavy fines). Use always blinkers to change direction, it’s required. Use beams when you overlap a stopped line of cars.

Can I extend the rental period?

Yes. Of course. As long as you report to the rental office, you can extend your rental period, as well as the Waiver insurance.

Can I return the scooter at a different office?

Yes. AlegriaRide allows the scooters to be returned in either Lisbon or Porto offices. There is a transportation fee you in case you wish to return the scooter at a different location. we previously must evaluate that possibility and present you the associated expenses.