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Why rent a scooter in Lisbon?

Here are some more reasons for you to rent a scooter in Lisbon!

We had already stated 3 resons why you should rent a scooter with AlegriaRide. Today we mention three ore reasons but this time in the form of places near Lisbon, that you can enjoy, taking profit from having your own scooter!

  1. Sesimbra. This nice little town is located about 1-hour away, south from Lisbon. It’s a lovely drive across the bridge 25 de Abril (you will need a 125cc scooter for this!) and then along the coastline of beaches.
    When you reach Sesimbra you will be able to put your feet on the sand, relax and take some breathtaking photos!
    We have some special places to recommend there for fresh fish restaurants!

    AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Lisbon Lisboa
  2. Sintra. You must have heard about it! But what you might maybe not know is that it is very difficult to get up to the Pena Palace or to Castelo dos Mouros by transports. So a scooter is definitely the bet option if you would like to visit a World Heritage Site. It’s absolutely wonderful. It was the holiday place for the kings and queens of Portugal, so it really has to be amazing! Not to mention the beaches like Praia Grande or Praia das Maçãs, which have a excellent quality.

    Rent a Scooter AlegriaRide Lisbon Lisboa Sintra
  3. Ericeira. Located only 40 km’s North from Lisbon is a little fishing town with a surfing vibe. It has lots a surf school almost on every beach, good fish restaurants and a night life that will please the youngest souls. There are good accommodation options and a camping ground just 200 meters from the ocean.

    AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Lisboa Lisbon Ericeira

And these are only some of the suggestions we have for places to visit. If you want to know more about what’s within these places, send us an e-mail, or a reservation and we’ll reply with a rate for your scooter rental!