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Early Bookings

In case you are planning your trip to Portugal, do not miss the opportunity to book a scooter right now! “Early birds” this one is for you!

AlegriaRide has lauched a promotion!! Bookings until the end of February get 15% discount!

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter
Good friends on the road. Grzegorz Wroblewski. All rights reserved

Planning your holidays in Portugal early is always a good idea. We all know how the Summer months can be low on offer and how expensive some prices can be. At AlegriaRide we give you the chance of saving some on our scooter rentals, if you are an early bird!

If you book a scooter until the end of February, for any date (March to October) you get immediately 15% discount!
All you have to do is share send us a message, and share this post on your Facebook wall! How easy can it be?

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto Lisboa
Girls just Want to ride Scooters!

Rent a Scooter in Lisbon or Porto and enjoy these cities even more! We have an extensive experience in visiting these two awesome places and know every single corner! So take advantage of our expertise to give you the best local tips!

Rui and José in Lisboa – Pedro and João in Porto. Come and meet us! See our address page for contacts! Check out our fleet!


AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto Lisbon

From Porto to Lisbon by scooter

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter is the first rental service with two drop off cities!

There have been dozens of people thanking us for being the first Rent a Scooter in Portugal with the possibility of dropping the scooter in a different city.

The two offices are situated on a street with the same name, in the city center of both Lisbon and Porto, which allows flexibility, freedom and a lot more miles of fun!

Do like these guys, plan your trip, ask for our advice on the best routes and go explore! Enjoy the ride!

AlegriaRide Scooters Lisbon Porto
Arriving in Lisbon after a 48 hour road trip!
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter
Girls from the Netherlands looking for adventure with AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto Lisbon
It’s guaranteed fun as a group!
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Lisbon Porto
Rent in Porto, Return in Lisbon!
AlegriaRide Scooters Porto Lisbon
Choose your pick up, and drop off city!
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto Lisboa

Rent in Lisbon Return in Porto

This week a group of seven girls from the Netherlands have rented four 50cc scooters to travel all the way to Lisbon.

Fortunately we have offices in the two cities so it was possible for them to explore the road between them, rent and return the scooters without any stress at Lisboa!

You can also profit from this! Contact us for more rent details! Once in a while we launch mega-campaigns which sometimes allow you to take the scooters back to Porto or Lisbon for a very reduced rate!

At the moment we have an undergoing campaign and you can rent 50cc scooter for 8 eur. per day!

It was an amazing experience as you can see by the photos at the departure and arrival!


AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter
Girls from the Netherlands looking for adventure with AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter

It is still the best way to know our country. Going on the National Roads you really get a good glimpse of what our country is all about.

So don’t wait any longer! Start planning your trip to Portugal. And don’t forget to book your scooter in advance!
At AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter we have the best tips for you to enjoy your scooter to the fullest!


See you soon!

N222 AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Lisboa Porto

N222 from Régua to Pinhão

A noticia já tem cerca de um ano, mas nunca é demais relembrar:

A N222 entre Peso da Régua e Pinhão é a melhor estrada do mundo para conduzir!

O estudo é avançado pela empresa de aluguer de automóveis Avis, que em conjunto com um designer de circuitos Fórmula 1, um físico quantico e um designer de circuitos radicais, viajou pelo mundo à procura da estrada ideal para o comum dos condutores.

Entre os factores “curvas, aceleração, rectas e travagem” foi elaborado um rácio que permitiu medir em termos reais a qualidade de cada estrada.
O rácio ideal era de 10:1, ou seja 10 segundos em linha recta para 1 segundo em curva. o troço da estrada nacional N222 tem 27 kilómetros e ultrapassou este rácio com um 11:1 tornando-se assim a vencedora.

Acrescente-se o facto desta estrada estar localizada em pleno Vale do Douro a cerca de 100Km da cidade do Porto e numa zona reconhecida pela Unesco como Património da Humanidade.
Uma zona fortemente reconhecida pelos seus vinhos (entre eles alguns vencedores mundiais também!) e pelo seu importante legado histórico.

Portanto estão reunidos todos os ingredientes para partir à descoberta numa das nossas scooters! Aconselhamos vivamente o aluguer de uma scooter de 125cc, como a Kymco Downtown, para que possa usufruir de todo o passeio de forma descontraída e confortável. Reserve já aqui!

N222 AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto Lisboa

The news came out one year ago already. But it is never too late to remember.

The N222 between Régua and Pinhão is the World’s best driving road!

The study was made by Avis car rental company together with a quantum physicist and two road circuit designers. They have travelled the world looking for the best road for the common driver.

Among the key-factors “curves, acceleration, straight lines and braking” a ratio was set that would determine the quality of each road.
The ideal ratio would be 10:1, which means 10 seconds on a straight line to one second on a curve. The road between Régua and Pinhão has 27 kilometers and a outstanding 11:1, overcoming the ideal ratio and winning the prize: “World’s Best Driving Road

Add in the fact that this road is located on the famous Douro Valley about 100Km away from Porto and in a Unesco World Heritage site.
An area thoroughly known for its wines (some of them world winners too!) ant its important historic legacy.

So all the ingredients are combined for you to get ready for exploring on one of our scooters! We advise renting a 125cc scooter, like the Kymco Downtown, so that you can enjoy your ride in a comfortable and relaxed way. Book here!