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PROMOTION 125cc scooter Lisbon > Porto

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter & Moto has launched another Summer PROMOTION!

One 125cc scooter Kymco Agility (with one or two helmets), pick up in Lisbon, drop off in Portofor only 15€ per day! No return fee!

Save money, save time! Kymco Agility 125 check out the model of scooter.

Driver’s licence
Credit card for the deposit (retention)

Two helmets
General liability insurance
Unlimited kilometers

Valid for rentals > 25th August 2018

Send us a message in case you would like to inquire for availability! Just mention “PROMOTION” on the body of the message!

No tricks, 15€/day! No return fee! Book it now!

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Lisbon and Porto

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto

Early Bookings

In case you are planning your trip to Portugal, do not miss the opportunity to book a scooter right now! “Early birds” this one is for you!

AlegriaRide has lauched a promotion!! Bookings until the end of February get 15% discount!

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter
Good friends on the road. Grzegorz Wroblewski. All rights reserved

Planning your holidays in Portugal early is always a good idea. We all know how the Summer months can be low on offer and how expensive some prices can be. At AlegriaRide we give you the chance of saving some on our scooter rentals, if you are an early bird!

If you book a scooter until the end of February, for any date (March to October) you get immediately 15% discount!
All you have to do is share send us a message, and share this post on your Facebook wall! How easy can it be?

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto Lisboa
Girls just Want to ride Scooters!

Rent a Scooter in Lisbon or Porto and enjoy these cities even more! We have an extensive experience in visiting these two awesome places and know every single corner! So take advantage of our expertise to give you the best local tips!

Rui and José in Lisboa – Pedro and João in Porto. Come and meet us! See our address page for contacts! Check out our fleet!


AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter

Scooter Road Trip

At AlegriaRide we believe that the best way to know our country in on the national roads, contemplating the countryside, visiting towns and villages along the way.

Renting scooters and to go on road trip is a perfect way to enjoy the road, feeling the breeze on the face and having the flexibility to stop and park everywhere you want!

Near Porto you have a lot of options to go on the road, out from the city and into the countryside or beach. From the wild coastline of Vila Nova de Gaia, the Douro Valley, the region of Vinho Verde… or the National Park Gerês (or Peneda-Gerês).

That is what a group of polish friends has decided to do! Rent three scooters and drive north for the adventure of visiting Portugal’s only National Park! During the day, they had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful waterfalls and drive through some of the most scenic roads.

The good thing is one of them, besides being a scooter fan, is also a photography lover: Grzegorz Wroblewski. He took these amazing photos. All rights are reserved.

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto
Scooters at Ponte da Caniçada. Grzegorz Wroblewski. All rights reserved.
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto
Scooters at Ponte da Caniçada. Grzegorz Wroblewski. All rights reserved
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto
“Alegria” is to have a big smile!!! Grzegorz Wroblewski. All rights reserved
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter
Good friends on the road. Grzegorz Wroblewski. All rights reserved


AlegriaRide Porto Rent a Scooter




25,00 eur. per day! Including helmet, lock, insurance & unlimited km’s!

No tricks! It is a real promotion! You can now rent a scooter in Porto and return in Lisbon… with AlegriaRide!

This time is a 300cc Sym ready to drive!

Here are the specifications of the scooter: Sym Citicom 300

AlegriaRide Porto Rent a Scooter
Sym 300 Citicom AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter

This scooter is designed for the road.

In between Porto and Lisbon you have around 300 Km’s of beaches that you can explore down the N109, or if you prefer you can drive down the old N 1 the road that used to connect Lisboa and Porto before the highways.
Driving south, the first city you will find is Aveiro. They call it the “Portuguese Venice” because of the canals that go into the city. It’s a town with history related to salt making on its lagoons, and it has some really nice coastline with yellow, blue, green and red houses (Costa Nova houses)
Then further south, you can choose to drive on the N1 and see Coimbra. The third oldest University in Europe. The city of students, gets a lot of events and it’s the best chance to see the unique academic traditions!
BatalhaAlcobaça and Nazaré are three names that you might want to investigate too. In my opinion, specially Nazaré. It’s a fishing/surfing town that still keeps traditions. Batalha and Alcobaça are becoming a mandatory stop too mainly because their religious architecture Mosteiro da Batalha and Mosteiro de Alcobaça, two remaining of the Romanic style in Portugal. And also the proximity to Serra d’Aire Natural Park nice landscapes.
But if you are more interested in nightlife, beach, surf, VolksWagens’s parked on the cliffs with a nice town vibe, my favourite is Ericeira, about 40 Km North from Lisbon.


AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto Lisbon

From Porto to Lisbon by scooter

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter is the first rental service with two drop off cities!

There have been dozens of people thanking us for being the first Rent a Scooter in Portugal with the possibility of dropping the scooter in a different city.

The two offices are situated on a street with the same name, in the city center of both Lisbon and Porto, which allows flexibility, freedom and a lot more miles of fun!

Do like these guys, plan your trip, ask for our advice on the best routes and go explore! Enjoy the ride!

AlegriaRide Scooters Lisbon Porto
Arriving in Lisbon after a 48 hour road trip!
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter
Girls from the Netherlands looking for adventure with AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto Lisbon
It’s guaranteed fun as a group!
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Lisbon Porto
Rent in Porto, Return in Lisbon!
AlegriaRide Scooters Porto Lisbon
Choose your pick up, and drop off city!
AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto Lisboa

Rent in Lisbon Return in Porto

This week a group of seven girls from the Netherlands have rented four 50cc scooters to travel all the way to Lisbon.

Fortunately we have offices in the two cities so it was possible for them to explore the road between them, rent and return the scooters without any stress at Lisboa!

You can also profit from this! Contact us for more rent details! Once in a while we launch mega-campaigns which sometimes allow you to take the scooters back to Porto or Lisbon for a very reduced rate!

At the moment we have an undergoing campaign and you can rent 50cc scooter for 8 eur. per day!

It was an amazing experience as you can see by the photos at the departure and arrival!


AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter
Girls from the Netherlands looking for adventure with AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter

It is still the best way to know our country. Going on the National Roads you really get a good glimpse of what our country is all about.

So don’t wait any longer! Start planning your trip to Portugal. And don’t forget to book your scooter in advance!
At AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter we have the best tips for you to enjoy your scooter to the fullest!


See you soon!

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Porto Lisboa Lisbonne Lissabon Porto Oporto Portugal Electric Twizy

Portuguese Scooters

We do not rent vintage scooters because our activity’s legislation does not allow it. But we do like to remember the good old days, whenever we can!

Trying to understand the Portuguese scooter production is like to try to put together a puzzle with many parts. So this article does not mean to be a timeline or historic lesson, but only to let you know about 2 models that Portugal produced.

As far back as it goes, the first date stamp we can put on a Portuguese scooter is 1956! “Once Portugal ran on motorcycles” – says an old employer of the old legendary Famel (Fábrica de Produtos Metálicos) factory.
Between 60’s and 90’s, without access to credit in the rural areas, motorcycles were the vehicles of the people. Famel motorcycles with German Zündapp engines could be heard all over the country.
The last model ever produced by this brand was the Famel Electron – an electrical scooter! Developed for the French Mail. Without the patent for it, and the lack of regulation for electrical vehicles, the project did not succeed in Portugal.

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Lisboa Lisbonne Lisbon Lissabon Porto Oporto Portugal Electric Twizy
Famel Electron. Portuguese scooter from 1997. Autonomy for 50Km




Back in the 60’s, with a lot of pressure to produce the vehicles and engine 100% in Portugal, Engineer João Casal founded the “Casal Vehicles” factory. By the end of the decade in 1969, Casal produces its first motorcycle: a scooter. With a 50cc engine, 2 stroke, 4 speeds engine, the “Casal Carina“.

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Lisbon Porto Electric Twizy
Casal Carina reminiscence – AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter

Check out our scooters and rates here!

Não alugamos scooters vintage, pois a legislação da nossa actividade não o permite. Mas sempre que possível gostamos de reviver com nostalgia as glórias do nosso passado.

Tentar perceber a produção de scooters em Portugal é como tentar montar um puzzle com muitas peças. Portanto este artigo não pretende ser uma lição de História, mas sim um breve resumo da presença de dois modelos portugueses no mercado das scooters.

Começamos como é óbvio por falar da mítica FAMEL (Fábrica de Produtos Metálicos) que em 1956 coloca pela primeira vez o selo de fabrico numa motorizada fabricada em Portugal. Entre os anos 60 e 90, sem acesso ao credito, principalmente nas áreas mais rurais, as motorizadas eram o veículo do povo. Os motores da Zündapp colocados nestas motos eram ouvidos por todo o país. “Portugal inteiro andava de mota” – diz um dos antigos empregados desta fábrica.

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter Lisboa Porto Oporto Lisbonne Lissabon Portugal Electric Twizy
FAMEL electron, uma scooter eléctrica portuguesa

O último modelo produzido pela FAMEL foi a FAMEL electron, uma scooter eléctrica. Desenvolvida para uma encomenda dos Correios de França, mas sem patentes e sem regulamentação para estes veículos em Portugal, o seu lançamento foi um fiasco. Tinha autonomia para 50 Km.

Posteriormente, pressionada para produzir veículos e motores 100% portugueses, é criada a “Veículos Casal” parte da metalúrgica Casal. No final da década de 60 esta fábrica produz o primeiro veículo 100% produzido em Portugal… uma scooter! A Casal Carina. Com um motor de 50cc, 2 tempos e 4 velocidades.

AlegriaRide Rent a Scooter

Dêm uma vista de olhos nas nossas scooters aqui!